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                      PGPOA, P.O. Box 1652, College Park, Maryland  20741 

We stand ready to serve the community's owners and tenants of single and multi-family rental housing in Prince George's County, Maryland, in particular, College Park.  Our goal is to promote safe off-campus housing with an appealing location and value to tenants.  We attempt to bring all rental housing to a higher standard of maintenance and management.

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Our Last PGPOA General Meeting  was April 4, 2018

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Are you getting questions from prospective tenants about safety?  Are you losing tenants because parents think the high-rises are safer?

 Come learn from the experts how to make your house safer, more marketable and reduce your liability!

  Many landlords have had problems refinancing their rental properties, especially within an LLC.  Come meet Bill Van Dyke, Owner of Paradigm Mortgage, to discuss all your refinance needs!  Are you looking to cash out, do you own multiple properties, special circumstances - not a problem!

To find out more about Bill Van Dyke and Paradigm Mortgage Please Visit:

New Tax Law for Investors

Presented by Linda de Marlor

• Annual on-air tax-expert for ABC, CBS & Sirius/XM Radio.
• Featured speaker for #1 rated Podcast, Conscious Millionaire, on
•Weekly radio show, “Linda’s Tax Tips and Listener Call In,” for 20
For most Investors the new tax law will bring with it some of the most drastic changes to their tax returns that they have seen in their lifetime. By knowing how to navigate this new tax landscape, the net result could potentially be more lucrative on both individual and business tax returns.

The Tax Lady, Linda de Marlor, will provide insight on the best steps for an Investor to position themselves for success come the 2018 tax filing season. New Tax Tips for Investors covers:
• Qualified deductions for 2018 and how to track them.
• New 20% deduction for businesses and how to ensure that you qualify.
• Implementing the Office in home deduction to increase your vehicle mileage.
• The ideal tax structure for every income level.

About the Teacher
Known by many as the Tax Lady, Linda de Marlor is often described as one of the most engaging, fun and informative lecturers in the Greater D.C. Metropolitan Region. With Linda's specialty being taxes for Realtors, her intricate tax knowledge on the subject and fun-filled approach to taxes has made her a staple in most Real Estate offices in Fairfax County, Montgomery County and the District of Columbia. She has been a prominent figure in the area since the 80's and was speaking regularly on local T.V. and radio stations. She has appeared on C-Span (check her out on our website) and regularly teaches for the Maryland Association of Realtors (MAR), Greater Capital Area Associations of Realtors (GCAAR), Northern Virginia Association of Realtors (NVAR), Women's Council of Realtors and practically every brokerage in the region.

Contact Linda with any tax questions or speech inquires at taxlady@tax-masters.com

Tax-Masters, Inc.
6159 Executive Blvd
Rockville, MD 20852

(301) 230-0203 FAX(301) 230-0200

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Last PGPOA General Meeting  was April 4, 2018

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SUCCESS Reminder!

After 12 years, Rent Stabilization is a part of the past as the College Park City Council voted at its June 17, 2014 Meeting by a 5-3 Decision to sunset the 2005 Ordinance.

Landlord Certification Program

The PGPOA Certification Program provides landlords and their managers/agents with a thorough working knowledge of the laws governing the management, operation and maintenance of rental housing property in College Park.

This program is biennial and open to all property owners who own and rent in College Park, MD.  All participants are notified via PGPOA's CollegeParkHousing.org website regarding updates on city, state and federal code or law changes throughout the two-year program. All participants will be notified of their certification expiration date and invited to re-certify, completing a revised knowledge assessment.

To obtain the required certification, 85% of the questions must be answered correctly. However, all answers can be obtained in recommended readings, for which access is provided by PGPOA, Inc.

This process is 100% voluntary but we believe it is a valuable program for the following practical reasons:

A. The program seeks to educate prospective tenants (and possibly their parents) about the benefits of using a Certified Landlord who participates in this program.

B. Certified Landlords are recognized with a certificate suitable for display, indicating that they operate within a high standard. This is a clear way to demonstrate that one is a professional landlord to prospective tenants, their parents, the City, community and University.

C. PGPOA and the City plan to identify participants in an on-line registry, allowing others to verify that one is a Certified Landlord. This in turn will prompt others to look for members the next time they look for a property to rent.


Landlords:  Protect yourself against the Nuisance Abatement Statute:

PG County Code 14-171, Section a(2)

The Prince George's County Nuisance Abatement Board (NAB) meetings are open for public viewing, but comments are not allowed by the audience.


   For one and two-family rentals:

New smoke alarm replacement in all rental units must have a sealed, long-life, tamper resistant battery with a timed silence button unless the existing alarms are hard wired and interconnected.
Smoke alarm coverage in homes constructed prior to Jan. 1, 1989 must be upgraded to at least one approved smoke alarm on every level when any one of the following first occur:

1. Existing smoke alarm is more than     10 years old (from manufacture         date)

2. Existing smoke alarm fails to             respond or otherwise malfunctions

3. Change of tenancy

4. Building permit issued for an             addition or renovation

5. Jan. 1, 2018 at absolute latest


Lead Paint Registration Renewals due annually to avoid fines.

All residential rental properties built prior to 1978 must be registered with the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) under the Maryland Lead Paint Risk Reduction in Housing Act.



(800) 776-2706 or (410) 537-4199

                 Recycling Law

Plastic bags of any sort are FORBIDDEN in the recycling bins in College Park according to City and Prince George's County Law.


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