Great House for 2019-20 Year

06 May 2019 8:40 AM | Suzanne Mack

4500 Beechwood Rd. 

Great 5-6 bedroom house available for the 2019-20 year.

 This house has HUGE bedrooms, large closets, and bigger than any you will see.  If you stayed in the dorms at any time at Maryland, the rooms would be considered a double.   This is a pretty big house, 2 huge bedrooms on the top floor with a bathroom, 3 bedrooms on the middle floor with a bathroom, and 2 rooms downstairs with another bathroom.  It has a pretty big TV/living room, dining room with a large rustic table, large kitchen with dishwasher and garbage disposal.  There are 2 entrances, one, the front door, the other, the back door that leads to a large deck with a hot tub.  Downstairs, there is another huge TV/living room and kitchenette, which is basically, a refrigerator, sink and shelving, no stove.  There are 2 separate entrances downstairs, one from one of the rooms, one from the kitchen.  It also has a washer and dryer.  It has off street parking but you can also park on the street without permit, where in Old Town, you need a permit to park on the street.  The house sits on the bus route and also has student housing all around. Close to shopping and restaurants.  A must see for next year.  Give me a call.

Please call Bryan @ 301.471.7981 or email at 

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